TY Bello Biography And Net Worth

TY Bello is a prominent Nigerian gospel musician and photographic artist. She is a multi-skilled and talented young lady who has been a good example to photographers and music lovers. The fame of the musical artist has been attributed to her work, which is perceived both locally and universally. In this article, we will look at her profile information in details.

Early Life And Background

Toyin Sokefun Bello prevalently known as TY Bello was born on the 14th of January, 1978. She was born in Ogun State to late Remi Sokefun. Her dad was a renowned TV producer who influenced the daughter’s life positively. TY Bello is a graduate as she has a Bachelor’s certificate in Economics from the University of Lagos. The prolific artist has her name in the Nigerian photography collective, Depth of Field. TY was a member of the non-extant metropolitan gospel band, which helped in bringing Salvation into Hearts and Homes (KUSH).

Looking at the private life of the female gospel singer, she wedded Kashetu Bello in 2009. Together, the duo is blessed with twin young men, Christian and Christopher.


The journey into music by TY Bello started when she played an important role for the music group of her youth church, Revival Word Church. This was when they form songs for the following Sunday services from the past message.

Due to her activeness in her church choir, Ty Bello boosted her composition and singing abilities, and being the most youthful in the gathering didn’t stop her from writing her own songs.
While TY Bello was an undergraduate at the University of Lagos, this ability never left from her as she proceeded to form and sing with Lara George, Dayo Torimiro, and Emen Ema. The four later formed a band called KUSH which was later dissolved due to them solely pursuing their career. The band came into the spotlight with their single, Let’s Live Together in the mid 2000s. After the band broke up, she turned into an independent artist.

Her first introduction solo collection named Greenland was released in 2008. The album was a triumph and acquired her two renowned honors. TY clarified that Greenland portrays her regular journey into life.

As a Photographer

It isn’t a news that TY Bello is also a master in photography. She started work in the industry when her band disbanded. This was when photography was not an seen as a profession but as a hobby. The skilled photographer has gone on to establish an empowering climate and stages for impending picture takers to exhibit their work.

TY Bello’s work in photography is not unrewarded. This has taken her to the passageways of power as she has captured three sitting presidents. Bello was the photographer of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. TY Bello has likewise shot the grandiose and A-list superstars. TY Bello additionally works with Thisday Fashion Magazine, a famous design magazine in the country.

Awards and Recognitions

TY Bello has won herself a couple of honors, and they include the following:

  • Best New Act of the Year at Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2008
  • Best Female Video at Sound City Video Awards 2008
  • Most Creative Personality of the Year at SRAF Awards 2017

Also, the talented vocalist was listed close by 25 others for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards in 2017.

TY Bello Net Worth

TY Bello is assessed to have a net worth and total assets above $4 million. This makes her one of the most wealthy singer the gospel music industry.


This ia the conclusion of this write-up on the biography of TY Bello. So far we have give a detailed review of her profile and how she came this far to become an influential gospel singer and photographer.

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